Fast orthodontic treatment options

Get a finished smile before anyone knows you’ve started treatment.

All our brace options are available for shorter time periods depending on your desired outcome. Please let us know at your consultation if time is a factor in your brace choice and we can accommodate that in your bespoke treatment plan.

Fast treatment

Get lasting results as quickly as possible

On average, brace treatment lasts between six and 24 months, depending on your individual needs. After your consultation, we will give you an idea of how long you’ll need to wear your braces and how you can look after them to make sure they perform perfectly.

If your orthodontic problem is minor, and only affects the front six teeth, you could benefit from shorter treatment, such as Invisalign®’s fast treatment options. These use the Invisalign® aligners, so get great results, but won’t take the same amount of time as Invisalign®’s full treatment.

  • Invisalign® Lite can see results in as little as six months
  • nvisalign® i7 can see results in as little as three months

Smile for a lifetime

Not all orthodontic cases can be fixed as quickly, though having to wear braces for one-to-two years is a relatively short time in the whole scheme of things if your smile lasts a lifetime.
Here is an example of average treatment times at The Orthodontic Studio so you know what to expect for a long-term, stable outcome and a set of great looking teeth.

Treatment type Duration
Simple single arch < 6 months
Simple two/complex single 6-12months
Average child 12-18 months
Average adult/complex child 18-24 months
Complex adult/child 24 months

Fast treatment options are incredibly popular these days but are not always suitable for everyone. Whilst it is appealing to think you can have a perfect smile in six months, this is not always possible due to the position of your teeth, the complexity of the treatment required and the type of brace you might want to wear.

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