Our Philosophy

You may be wondering what makes us tick here at The Orthodontic Studio. It’s all about the core values we work to and ensuring we deliver them to each and every one of our patients during treatment.

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Our mission

"The Orthodontic Studio offers medical choice with unrivalled quality and care. We excel in delivering a wide range of independent and highly professional medical, dental, orthodontic, facial aesthetic and other specialist treatments.

Our highly qualified team commits to providing quality without compromise in everything we do. Clinical excellence will ensure patients receive the very best quality of medical guidance and interventions. Compassion will drive the highest possible standard of personal care.

We will always strive for improvement and to continually delight our clients with outstanding results achieved in a supportive, ethical and safe environment.”

Naresh Patel & Anshu Sood, Principal Orthodontists

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Our philosophy

Our core values

These are the values we passionately believe in and wish our patients to judge us by. If you feel we have not lived up to these expectations please let us or our practice manager, Gail Stockton, know at once.

  • Always… do the right thing
  • Always… do the very best you can
  • Always… amaze clients with your care and attention
  • Always… show others courtesy and respect
  • Always… think clients, team and self in that order

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