A popular and reliable choice with proven results

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Fixed braces are still the type of brace most commonly fitted by orthodontists in the UK. They achieve a high degree of control over the final positioning of the teeth to provide a tried and tested route towards enjoying confidence-boosting results.

Fixed metal braces are bondedto the surface of your teeth. They are designed to stay there throughout the treatment and guide the movement of the teeth, gently but firmly, into their optimal position. The braces are linked together by a wire which actually moves the teeth, backed up with elastics to hold the two components together.

Embrace the brace!

Braces as a fashion accessory... why not? As an alternative to conventional silver elastics to match the brace, you can choose from a selection of vibrant colours – it’s up to you!

Keeping you well informed from the beginning

Fixed brace treatment lasts between six and 24 months depending on your treatment needs. After your consultation, your orthodontist will be able to give you an idea of how long you’ll need to wear your braces and how you can look after them to make sure they perform perfectly.

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