The original aligner brace, designed for people who want to avoid fixed braces

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It’s a simple, ingenious system. Over a series of visits to our orthodontic practice here in Rotherham, we fit removable, clear braces to gently move your teeth

Preparation and planning are crucial to the success of this treatment – and we can guarantee you the best of both. A virtual 3D model of your teeth is made, so you can plan and watch the way they move for yourself.

We understand that some people simply don’t want to be seen wearing braces, and this treatm

ent is an excellent way to achieve this without compromising on results. You’ll be provided with a series of which will do their job with no-one even realising you’re wearing a brace.

Invisalign may not be the cheapest orthodontic solution, but it’s one which will certainly provide results you’ll be delighted with.

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