How we work to give you the smile you always wanted

The Orthodontic Studio in Rotherham offers a range of braces to suit a wide variety of needs... and budgets

Visible Braces

Fixed Metal Braces – still a very popular choice, these braces are glued to the surface of your teeth for the duration of the treatment. They provide a high degree of control over the final positioning of your teeth to give you the perfect smile.

Functional Braces – these are upper and lower removable braces, often used to help young people achieve the right jaw position, sometimes before fitting a fixed brace.

Invisible Braces

Fixed clear braces – the less noticeable alternative to conventional metal braces!

Incognito – the custom-made, celebrity-endorsed option for adults and older teenagers who want straight teeth without visible braces.

Invisalign – the revolutionary aligner brace. These are removable, clear braces that gently move your teeth over a series of visits. No-one will realise you’re wearing them!

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