The importance of children’s orthodontics

Posted by on 15 February 2019 | Comments

If you’re not happy with your tooth alignment your child has, you might wonder when the best age is to take them to see an orthodontist and and enquire about braces. The earlier the better is the answer. Children as young as 7, who visit the orthodontist can take early advice and have the progress of their teeth monitored. This will enable a dentist to make extra room in the mouth at the most opportune moment and help you get better results from your teeth straightening treatment.


Confidence benefits


Straighter teeth will give your kids more confidence in their appearance. In the jungle that is the playground, with parents spending a fortune on drama classes and supposedly confidence-building sessions, giving your young adult a smile of which they can be proud could provide huge benefits psychologically, as well as aesthetically.


After just a few months of orthodontic treatment, your child could be looking forward to a future with a bright smile and a boost to their body image. Many studies have shown that an attractive smile will help you go further in both your career and your personal life. As non-discriminatory as we all try to be, we’re hard-wired to respond positively to a beautiful smile. It indicates that we’re healthy and happy.


Health benefits


Straighter teeth are healthier. This might sound like a fact made up by braces manufacturers, but actually, it’s logical. Teeth which are out of alignment often overlap, causing parts of the tooth to be unreachable with your toothbrush. The unreachable areas, however, are still large enough for food deposits to pass through them.


Food deposits that remain on the teeth after having eaten and are not brushed away (particularly if that food contains acid-creating sugar or starches) may well begin to decay the tooth beneath it, potentially causing you cavities and gum disease too, if the affected area is close to the gum line.


Straight teeth mean all of the tooth surfaces in your mouth are visible and can be reached when you brush. You’re in a position to keep your teeth cleaner.


Options available


The braces we can offer your child here at the Orthodontic Studio include fixed metal braces and fixed clear ceramic braces; both of which will involve brackets being bonded to the front surfaces of your child’s teeth and a wire threaded through them. The wire will be tightened as and when required during the treatment process to ensure their teeth are on the best journey to alignment correction. Some of these braces may be offered on the NHS.


We also offer functional braces for very minor alignment issues and if your child is old enough, Invisalign. Invisalign are clear, plastic braces, which are removable and very discreet. They will not be worn when your child is eating or brushing his or her teeth. Invisalign are a premium option.


If you think your child may be in need of braces, then please give us a call to make an appointment for your child to visit one of our dentists, with a view to having his or her teeth examined. We can make braces suggestions based on the bite or alignment problem your child is experiencing, as well as your cost preferences. Please get in touch.