Braces do more than straighten your teeth

Posted by The Orthodontic Studio on 14 August 2018 | Comments

When we think of braces and their benefits, the first thing that springs to mind is the amazing aesthetic transformations. Overcrowded, crooked mouths are transformed into perfectly symmetrical smiles to be proud of. For many people, the amazing work that braces do is life-changing. But, did you know that there are actually many other health benefits to getting braces? In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few of the surprising positives to getting braces, which extend past your newly straight teeth.


Preventing gum disease

If you have many gaps in your teeth from the surrounding ones being crooked, this can leave big and open areas of your gums exposed, threatening the health of your gums. This is even worse if your gap is in a tough to clean area, as bacteria is attracted to food left in your mouth after cleaning. The bacteria therefore have a high chance to grow and spread, breaking down your food to form harmful toxins. By closing the gaps in your teeth, the amount of exposed gum is lessened, thus lowering your chances of unhealthy gums eventually leading to gum disease.


Preventing tooth decay

As well as straightening your teeth, braces keep them healthy! Just as with closing areas of exposed gums, by straightening crooked and misaligned teeth, the small spaces in which food can become stuck between teeth are removed. These hard to clean places are perfect for harbouring bacteria and corrosive toxins. But by making the surface area of your teeth larger, you can clean it more effectively day-to-day.


Preventing bad breath

We begin to experience bad breath when bacteria in our mouths begin to break down any remaining food stuck in our teeth and gums. Whilst doing this, a toxin and gas is released that is often rather unpleasant smelling, which comes out in our breath. Again, by limiting the number of small gaps and crevices in your mouth, braces help you with multiple potential problems.


Helping you with your bite

Having a misaligned bite is actually a very common problem – some don’t even know they have one until they visit an orthodontist and are told so. If a misaligned bite is left alone, it can grow overtime, leading to a list of problems including pain and discomfort, jaw problems and improper mouth function. When your teeth straighten with braces, you’re altering the formation of your teeth and how your jaw bites. This formation can help you with any discomfort, reshape your face and improve your ability to chew.


Improving your mental health

Physical health isn’t the only important health! For those who have severely struggled with confidence issues regarding their smiles, the final reveal of perfectly straight teeth can be completely life changing. Feeling self-conscious about your teeth is incredibly difficult to deal with. Feeling embarrassed when talking, eating and smiling can take over someone’s life if the shame is big enough. By simply straightening your teeth, braces can do wonders for someone’s mental health as well as their physical. They will smile more, bigger and with confidence for the first time, possibly ever.


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