Invisible braces vs. traditional braces

Posted by on 22 October 2018 | Comments

This month Money Broker named Align Technology; the company behind orthodontic market leaders Invisalign as a top manufacturer in the dental industry and with 5 million users worldwide, it’s not hard to see why both investors and patients are clamouring to get a piece of the Invisalign action.


Invisalign braces is the brand we champion here at our Orthodontic Studio in Rotherham. We’re impressed with the high quality of straightening they provide, the number of alignment issues they’ll fix and how discreet they are during the treatment period. Our patients are very pleased too!


What are invisible braces?


Invisible braces, in the case of Invisalign, involves removable aligner trays which are custom made for an individual patient’s set of teeth. They sit on the top row and the bottom row in the same way a mouth guard would, but they’re thin, translucent and hard to detect. Few people will notice that you’re even wearing any braces.


You’ll receive a new set of alignment trays periodically during the treatment period. Each set is only designed to push your teeth for one particular leg of the journey and you’ll be wearing them for 20 hours in every 24 hour day. While they’re in position, they’ll be applying a gentle pressure on your teeth to move them into a better alignment and give you a more attractive smile.


What are the benefits of invisible braces?


The biggest advantage of wearing invisible braces is that you’ll still have the confidence to show off your smile, even while wearing them. You won’t be trying to hide them, because they’re already ultra discreet.


Traditional braces are prominent in the mouth, often making wearers feel self-conscious. This is exacerbated when you get food trapped in them, which can be a frequent occurrence with this type of alignment system. As you’ll remove your invisible braces to eat and brush your teeth, you’ll be able to keep your teeth cleaner throughout the day.


The trays are not bonded to your teeth and there are no wires involved, as in the case of fixed braces. Instead of having the wires tightened, you’ll visit your dentist to receive a new set of trays. They’re tough, reliable and won’t dramatically alter your appearance.


Advanced braces and treatment by Invisalign


Invisalign braces can correct a huge range of alignment issues and they do so in a comfortable, pain-free manner. When you visit your orthodontist for your initial consultations, you’ll see the results of your treatment via 3d imaging. How incredible to be sitting in our consultation room, looking at the results of the treatment on which you’re yet to embark!


If your teeth are overlapping, protruding, gappy or you suffer from bite problems, our invisible braces range could help you achieve a beautiful smile in just a few months in a very discreet way. To find out if you could be a suitable candidate for Invisalign, please give us a call to book your first appointment with us. We are an experienced Invisalign provider and work closely with the brand to ensure customer satisfaction.