How to make your teeth whitening results last

Posted by on 26 September 2018 | Comments

Teeth whitening is so popular nowadays because it’s so accessible and easy. It’s available right here in Rochester, through us of course, and it achieves amazing results for those seeking brighter, whiter, healthier looking smiles. Tooth discolouration happens for any number of reasons, be it through the natural ageing process, lifestyle habits, and thinning enamel, but it seems to be universally agreed that it is unattractive and a little embarrassing. Your smile will be gleaming after your teeth whitening treatment, but how can you keep on top of these amazing results and prolong them before you consider more treatment? We’re going to share with you our top tips on how to prolong your teeth whitening results through lifestyle choices and foods to avoid.


Tea and Coffee

The staple of many a breakfast and morning routine, tea and coffee are notorious for staining the surfaces of our teeth a dull brown colour. This staining occurs because of the organic substance they contain called tannins, which have a natural brownish hue. The stronger you have these drinks, the higher the concentration of these staining agents are, increasing your chances of staining. These brown pigments latch onto the enamel on your teeth, making a home there that can’t always be displaced by brushing. Cut back on these strong caffeinated drinks to save your teeth whitening results!


Citrus Fruits

If you eat a lot of oranges, lemons, and limes then chances are you’re not going to come down with scurvy any time soon. However, the strong acid concentrations in these fruits and their juices taint your teeth whitening results by eroding your naturally protective enamel. This reveals the naturally yellow dentin beneath, undoing your tooth whitening efforts and leaving your teeth vulnerable and sensitive in one fell swoop.


Red Wine and White Wine

We’re so sorry to report that most people’s drink of choice with dinner also contains the same staining power as coffee and tea. Red and white wines contain tannins, the organic material released from the fruit and leaves used to the give the wine its heady flavour, and whose pigments latch onto your teeth. The richness of the wine is also your enemy here, because it dries your mouth out so there is less saliva present to wash away any lingering spots of wine and acid. Red wine has a higher concentration of tannins, whereas white wine contains more acid that wears away at our enamel, so both are equally naughty.



One of the nation’s favourite foods, curry, contains rich spices and colourings that may look appetising, but that also carry serious staining capabilities. The rich dyes, whether found naturally or artificially, contain complex staining components that stick to the enamel on your teeth and taint your teeth whitening results a vibrant yellow.


How to maintain your teeth whitening results

So, the first step is to cut back on these harmful foods and drinks. However, everything in moderation and all things considered, you’re going to want a little sip of wine or a coffee in the morning. Enjoy these foods consciously and responsibly and have a drink of water after you’ve finished. The water will help to neutralise and wash away any remaining acid in the mouth as well as lubricate the surfaces of your teeth, stopping those pesky stains from sticking around too long. Even rinsing your mouth without strictly swallowing or drinking is better than leaving the tannins to manifest, so a quick rinse or drink could be the saviour of your teeth whitening results after a glass of red.


There are some obvious tips that bear repeating: brush your teeth! Keeping up with your dental hygiene routine is vital to maintaining your teeth whitening results and your dental health, funnily enough. This will also dislodge any stains that are beginning to feel confident in their staying power and scrub away lingering foods and acids eating away at your enamel. A good mouthwash might also be a wise investment here, too.


Teeth whitening achieves amazing results, but it’s your responsibility to maintain them and make sure you don’t need a top-up appointment sooner than necessary! Enquire online with us about how we could brighten your smile or call us on 01709 382 047 today.