Does Invisalign fix your bite?

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Because Invisalign are discreet and invisible and therefore don’t hinder your smile during treatment, you’d be forgiven they only cater to the aesthetics of straight teeth. Looking good and being good are two totally different things, so how could a braces system that is so different from traditional braces also fix your dental problems too? Well, Invisalign don’t just create straighter smiles, but they can also fix your bite problems.


How Invisalign fixes bite problems

An underbite is created by your bottom jaw protruding further than your upper jaw, creating an imbalance in facial appearance and often a more prominent chin. This also causes your lower jaw teeth to come further outwards than your upper row, but they can still rest atop each other and cause wear and tear. Your upper teeth could also lose their function and come under strain. An underbite also causes discomfort in your jaw because your jaw and teeth are not sitting together naturally, placing stress on both. Invisalign can help fix an underbite, improving your dental and jaw health.

A deep bite is the reverse of an underbite (an overbite, if you like). Your upper row of teeth come out farther than your lower row and therefore sit on top of them when at rest. This constant pressure can push your lower teeth backwards, causing further misalignment, and the protective surfaces of your lower teeth can be worn away. A deep bite can also lead to joint discomfort, but Invisalign can fix all of this.

An open bite is characterised by your back teeth meeting together when you bite down, but not your front teeth. Your back teeth meet, but your front teeth have a gap between the upper and lower jaw. An open bite is a common cause of speech impediments and can even lead to the formation of TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder), which occurs when your jaw is unable to work properly in extreme cases. It can result in pain in your neck, shoulders, temples, and jaw.


A cross bite occurs when your upper and lower jaw don’t fit together properly, with one or both being slightly off-centre and therefore creating an ‘X’ with each other’s rows of teeth. A crossbite could put your jawbone and joints under a lot of strain because of the irregular and unnatural pressures being absorbed by them. Your teeth can also be pulled in different directions with this kind of pressure, causing further misalignment as well as bite issues.


Invisalign in Rotherham

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