Braces: Did you know these health benefits?

Posted by on 18 May 2018 | Comments

Braces are renowned for straightening your teeth and improving your smile, this we all know. They can deliver amazing results, straighten your teeth, and improve your bite, but did you know they are capable of so much more? Braces have an abundance of health benefits that make them all the more attractive. Not only can they better your cosmetic smile, but they can help improve your dental health too. Your teeth could look, feel, and function at their best after teeth straightening with braces.


Braces can help protect against gum disease, which is extremely common in the UK. Most of us Brits are experiencing it in some form or another, and it’s incredibly easy for it to develop. By straightening your teeth with braces, you close any gaps between your teeth. This decreases the surface area of exposed gum, lessening the chances that food and bacteria have to cling to and attack these areas. With no gaps, there’s less gum exposure for bacteria to inflict itself on, so you could actually be saving your teeth and gums while straightening your smile.


Braces can help protect against tooth decay, which is another commonality here in the UK. With proper cleaning and preventative dental care, we can steer clear of tooth decay that results in tooth loss. When considering preventative dentistry, you should be turning your attention to regular hygiene appointments and braces. Straightening your teeth with braces reduces the frequency of overlapping teeth where food and bacteria can build up. These hidden surfaces can be difficult to clean, resulting in the bacteria being allowed to fester and attack our teeth. By using braces to straighten these overlapping surfaces you therefore make your teeth easier to clean, decreasing your chances of tooth decay.


A misaligned bite can have a knock-on effect from your jaw, to headaches, to your shoulders and back. There’s a lot of pressure built up and exerted by your jaw, so a misaligned bite can cause all sorts of havoc with chewing, biting, and general comfort. By straightening your teeth with braces, you can restructure the way your bite fits together and lessen the impact on your jaw. This could introduce proper jaw function, improve its strength, and lessen any discomfort and pain you may be experiencing.


Braces can help with bad breath, which is a side effect of tooth decay and often an indicator of underlying dental health problems. The food that gets trapped in our teeth attracts bacteria, which release foul-smelling toxins as they break it down. Their eating away at our teeth can cause cavities, but it’s these unpleasant-smelling toxins that are present in our breath. Straightening your teeth with braces can lessen these pockets that trap food, lessening the presence of the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.


Your confidence obviously benefits hugely from you feeling good about your teeth. We admit this isn’t technically health-related, but it can really affect your self-confidence if you’re not happy with your teeth. Misaligned teeth can affect the way you speak, the balance of your face and jaw, and your confidence in your smile. If you find yourself limiting the way or the amount you smile in social situations because you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, braces may be for you.


Lots of us know braces as methods of teeth straightening that cater to the purely cosmetic, but they’re capable of so much more. Your dental health can be significantly improved by having braces and straightening your teeth. If you’re considering teeth straightening, look no further than the Orthodontic Studio in Rotherham. Book your consultation today.