Cosmetic dentistry and beyond... the treatments we offer

Expert services... from tooth whitening and facial rejuvenation to Botox and dermal fillers

At The Orthodontics Studio, we’re all about helping people make more of themselves and enjoy life to the full. That’s why we complement our tooth straightening and realignment treatment with a range of services for the whole you... after all, beautiful teeth are just one important ingredient within a perfect smile.

Tooth whitening

Especially if you’ve invested in realigning your teeth, you owe it to yourself to make sure they look their best in every way possible. Tooth whitening is an increasingly popular, affordable option to make the most of your smile – and we’ll offer you a 20% discount if you’ve had your teeth straightened with us.

Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation techniques, when carried out by experts, offer you the chance to ‘take years off’ your appearance. Yes, they can certainly make you look younger – but crucially, they can make you feel younger too. Here at The Orthodontic Studio we understand how to use modern treatments to their best effect.


The simple solution to those creases and wrinkles which creep up on all of us!

Dermal fillers

A popular way to rejuvenate and smooth your facial features.


For more information on facial aesthetics in Rotherham, please contact The Orthodontics Studio online or call 01709 382047 to arrange an appointment.