Treatments to transform your self-confidence
with a stunning smile

Your smile is absolutely essential to your individuality and the image you present to the world – so it’s hard to overstate the positive effect a beautiful smile can have on your life.

Going far beyond straightening and realigning your teeth, The Orthodontic Studio can offer you a range of cosmetic treatments from tooth whitening through to botox which will balance your smile with your facial appearance – all designed to deliver an enormous boost to your self-confidence, with first class treatments at rates you can afford.

Why shouldn’t you take advantage of treatments which can bring you simply stunning results... from a friendly, local orthodontic practice right here in the centre of Rotherham?

See the amazing results for yourself

Naturally you’ll want to see how some other people have benefitted from cosmetic treatment at The Orthodontic Studio in Rotherham. Visit our Case Studies page to see some pictures and read how we helped people like you.

Please contact The Orthodontic Studio Rotherham online if you are interested in facial aesthetics or call 01709 382047 to arrange an appointment.